I cannot tell you how many people come to the car lot looking specifically for a Honda Civic, and leave here the proud new owners of a Ford Focus. It's not because of my sweet sales skills, or fancy mojo that us slick sales persons possess -- it's because the Ford Focus is genuinely a smart purchase. They compare across the board with Honda and Toyota in the same class, they have similar gas mileage, handling, equipment, and depending on the model, can be just as sporty -- boasting 17 inch alloy wheels and spoiler. Read on to discover why your money will be better spent on a Ford Focus as opposed to the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla that everyone thinks they need.

The Ford Focus has been around since 1998 when it replaced the Fiesta. We are now in the 3rd generation of Focus, and although there have been improvements with each generation, the gen 1 Focus is still a very popular choice with many still on the road today. Because of the longevity of this brand, there is a Focus for almost any budget. If you are looking for a commuter car for your new college student, the 1st generation Focus will be the perfect choice, and will not break you budget under $5,000. In fact, we just had a 2004 in our inventory with under 17k original miles! Although that was a rare majestic beast, it's not uncommon to find a 2005 Focus with under 100k miles with plenty of life left in it.

(Another happy Focus owner)

Fully loaded, the Focus SES comes with Bluetooth, sat nav, moon roof, and Ford Sync connectivity. 3rd generation Focus has a very smooth ride with little to no road noise, and a sleek body style that is sure to impress. Although the 1st and 2nd generation Focuses aren't as sleek or boast as smooth a ride as the newer ones, they too come with leather, spoilers, moon roofs, and such amenities that were very on trend for their time. The 2nd gen even comes with a 2 door option.